The policy of the party is to first enrich a part of the region, to get rich first and then to become rich. The key question is: I mean, I can't eat, drink, eat, and I can walk on the way to get rich, and then I make money. I want to report the party's grace and donate it to the collective...    


Chairman's motto

In terms of development, enterprises should not be old and daring.

Managers should have great knowledge of astronomy and geography.

The ability does not care about the size, the key is the sense of responsibility

No matter what we can do in the evening, it will not drag on until the second morning.

I grew up doing something wrong, and I hated myself. Why? It's just trying to do something good.

Dry work is to eat in a bowl, look in the eye, grasp in hand, and want to be in mind.

Eyes stare at the market and work in the factory.

We must be careful in production, meticulous in management, perfect in technology, meticulous in business, reasonable and accurate in expenses, and well arranged in personnel matters.

Going out is the international market. Only when you see the world, can the world see you.

Take the length of others, make up your own short,

Fight is the first, and dry is the best.

Strict is the love and harm a generation wide is loose.

In order to dignitaries in front of people, must endure hardship.

If you want to eat a good meal, you must sweat more.

What I get from labor is not what I should get, but I will not give it to me.

I think we should do more work, earn more money, pay more taxes and prepare refreshments for ordinary people. This is my honor and my pride.